Once more for the road

It says it on the sidebar, and I'm probably going to drop you an e-mail about it soon enough, and you're probably on the Spare Room mailing list, but I'm going to tell you again, here:

I'm reading for Spare Room one last time before moving to Toronto, and I would like you to be at this reading. Also, attendance is mandatory. (Which, in less fascist terms, means that if you are a Portland-area poet with some affiliation to Spare Room, whether loose or tight, please let me know as soon as possible if you won't be there, because I'm writing the poetry for the reading as if you will be there, and by not being there, you will break my reading.)

Details: Saturday [SATURDAY] June 21, 7:30pm, Concordia Coffee House (on Alberta), $5 suggested donation. Reading with Sarah Mangold, which makes me think I shouldn't have to stress the mandatory nature of attending.


  1. The PSU Writing Center said...

    A must. It will be hot and sweaty with anticipation long before the limo pulls up to the back door with the poets. Lovely, in a way.  

  2. Surjective said...

    I will not be in attendance, but I doubt you expected me anyways.

    Welcome back, kind of, soonish, to the east coast.  

  3. Chris said...

    Oh hey hi! It would have indeed been a surprise to see you there.

    I keep talking about Toronto as being in/along "the East Cost" but I'm not entirely sure it qualifies. It might be more Midwestern. But yes. I have to steel myself for non-Pacific NW weather.  


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