I finally found the complete Ennodius (in Latin) (see also). It turns out that the beloved rabbit/lion poem is part of a set of epigrams about hermaphrodites (or a hermaphrodite). I decided to translate a few. These are, uh, not the most literal translations; Ennodius is not quite Dorothy Parker.

Exige mendaces, populorum uxorcula, barbas,
Ne minuant quaestum mascula labra tuum

To a hermaphroditic whore

Lose the 'stache;
you'll make more cash.

. . .

Ludit in ancipiti constans fallacia sexu:
Femineum patitur: peragit cum turpia, mas est

Your sex is shady,
it's either/or.
A pleasant lady,
but male? A boor.



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