flim is back online

flim, the quasi-literary journal that I published in various forms from 1996 to 2005, is back online. Or at least, the 2005 edition is back, which was being published daily until computer problems overwhelmed it. Anyway, pop over and check out the archives, if you haven't before.


  1. gary barwin said...


    Checked out the flim-flam over at flim and it is fantastic. A great site full of beguiling stuff. Cool. Hope you'll be able to post other years' work.

    And generally, I am enjoying reading your blog.  

  2. Chris said...

    Much of the work I published in previous years was republished in 2005 as "classic flim articles". But there are a few more that were slotted to go in November that never quite got published -- perhaps at some point I will finally finish all of 2005.

    If I feel ambitious/shameless, I'll put up my minimalist cartoons that went with the 1999 daily version of flim. Maybe I'll also put up pdfs of the first few print editions, just cause. (Assuming I have them.)  


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