Foreman Fest

This weekend is the sixth annual Richard Foreman Mini-Festival over at Performance Works Northwest in Portland. Each year they gather up a dozen or so "experimental" artists in various genres and, about two weeks before the show, send them a chunk of (NYC-based experimental theater writer/director) Richard Foreman's notebooks and a few rules with which they create a new work (about 5-10 minutes long). The results are diverse -- ranging from silly to somber (to, ideally, both!) -- and encourage people to play around with a more Foreman-esque presentation, or to bring Foreman's ideas into their own practice.

This is the first year I am not taking part (as either a creator or performer). Even last year, when I was in NYC all summer, I managed to contribute a video. I have no particular feelings one way or another for Foreman's work, but it is very usable and reusable to foster this type of event, and it is always a highlight of summer in Portland.

Since I can't be there (sigh!), if you're anywhere near Portland, you should go for me and report back. (In particular, I think Rodney should participate next year.)

Sixth Annual Richard Foreman Mini-Festival, August 15 and 16, 8:30 pm. Tickets $15-$50 for one night; $25-$75 for both nights, sliding scale. Reservations: 503-777-1907 or



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