Hey, it just occurred to me: Some of you reading this have friendly feelings towards me, live in or about Toronto, and aren't friends of mine on Facebook, in which case: I'm meeting up with people for drinks tonight to celebrate my birthday (which was yesterday); 8pm at the Bedford Academy, and e-mail me (chrispiuma at google's mail service) if you need to. I have no idea how many people will be there (I suspect not too many, as it's all very short notice and I'm still new in town) but/so come if you can.

* * *

If you haven't noticed, I've started writing five-word poems via Twitter, which I'm Huthily calling "twitterms". The latest can be read on Buggeryville, the archive is on Twitter.

* * *

Also I've started a medievalist blog, which will surely be even less informed, less coherent, and less frequently updated than this one.

* * *

Which also reminds me: I've been thinking about writing a sort of user's manual or manifesto for this blog (and perhaps even more so the medievalist one), but all I've gotten so far is a half-formed aphorism:

That the erotics of failure should entice more than the erotics of righteouness.

Or, perhaps in a more practical way:

That I am here to be wrong, and you are here to correct me into a different state of being wrong, and vice versa.

Hence "erotics".


  1. Nadia said...

    Hey Chris, did you send out a note on Facebook re: Bedford? I haven't seen anything, and FB has been known to eat messages sometimes. :/  

  2. Chris said...

    Oh technology, always with the failing.  

  3. troylloyd said...

    happiness of birthing day to you!


    i like :

    "That the erotics of failure should entice more than the erotics of righteouness."  


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