Rhyme time #1

In which I provide some end-rhymes, so you can work them into doggerel.

...Barack Obama
...an Oxford comma


  1. epileptikitty said...

    Yes, these are indeed The End Rhymes. Praise Seuss!  

  2. gary barwin said...

    If Obama is the comma, that'd make Biden the semi-comma, I'd reckon...  

  3. troylloyd said...

    i've always wanted a semi-comma,
    alas never bought for me by mama.

    ohh, a forced end-rhyme!  

  4. Chris said...

    And if that semi-comma starts to flee
    Mama's gonna buy you a 'postrophe  

  5. troylloyd said...

    and if that a 'postrophe
    don't omit

    mama's gonna buy me
    a diacritic  

  6. Chris said...

    And if the diacritic goes amiss,
    Mama's gonna buy a diaeresis.  

  7. troylloyd said...

    and if that diaeresis
    don't not separate

    mama gonna buy me
    a paira guillemets  

  8. Unknown said...

    where to stick it.  


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