Over here (especially in the comments) I'm talking about greatness and disposability with Mark Truscott, and over here Rodney Koeneke said some stuff about the Spare Room Centenary and wrote a cento from it (and I'm a fan of his recent use of color-coding), and here Johannes Göransson quotes a nice bit from Lyn Hejinian in an ongoing conversation he's having about translation which I find problematic but provocative, and here Sina Queyras talks about all sorts of interesting things which have led to a commentsplosion that I have not yet put my unequal e-quill onto.

So that's a lot of nice talking.


When I was in Portland people kept asking me if I'd been asked to read in Toronto yet. And I had to explain that, in Canada, I seem to be known more for writing criticism than for writing poetry. Which, all agreed, is insane, but then I think it's insane that I might be known at all. Anyway, outside of the little twitterms on the side of this blog, I haven't written any poetry in Canada yet, which is fine, since they have enough poetry here. You'd think they'd have enough criticism here, too, but perhaps not. Well, on we go, trying to perceive the bigger potholes in the road and to fill them in as best we can.


  1. Lemon Hound said...

    Thanks for pointing me to the discussion on Mark's blog--I had no idea. More later.  

  2. Lemon Hound said...

    Um. Let's see it took how many years for me to be part of any scene in New York? Is it reasonable to have people know you in such a short time? From my perspective, Chris, you're making incredible strides...poetry circles are all very well and cozy once you're in them. But I think the getting to know part is actually much more interesting and really, should be savored.


  3. Chris said...

    Oh heavens, yes. My comment wasn't meant as a complaint at all! I am baffled (and pleased) about having been brought into the conversation/scene as quickly as I have been.

    But when you put it that way, I will say that, say, in relationships, I hate the "getting to know you" phase, and love the "old bickering married couple" phase. And it would be better if I appreciated both more, sure.  

  4. Lemon Hound said...

    Point taken.

    Go, go, gadget.  


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