Reading in Portland

I mean, I can't imagine anyone still checks this thing, but just in case:

I'm going to be in Portland in a few days! And I will be giving a reading with Spare Room.

Sunday, 19 June, 7:30pm
Chris Piuma & Jennifer Bartlett
Open Space Cafe, 2815 Southeast Holgate Boulevard, Portland.

It will be a release party for my new chapbook, Bell-lloc, which is being put out by airfoil. The cover is still being designed, but I should have a picture of it for you soonish.


I'll also be participating in this madness:

Machines Must Move Performance Salon

Photographs by Anna Daedalus
Paintings by Nita Hill
Performers (
Machines Must Move): David Abel, John Berendzen, Leo Daedalus, Mark Owens, Chris Piuma, James Yeary & guests

Saturday, June 18
6:30 pm

Studio 30 Salon
5424 NE 30th Avenue

Light refreshments

Performance Salon is a one-night art reception and
absurdist performance in a
Dada/Fluxus vein by a group of no fixed name, having appeared as
Demagnetic Cabaret, Three Scrapettes, Blum Blum Shub
, Re-Arrangutan, and Waiting for Stretchers, among others.


(Also I will be playing a few songs at a house party; email me if you want details.)


There might be more to report soon. If you're putting on a thing in Portland in June and would like me to participate in it, get in touch with me and we'll see if we can make it happen.

See you there!


  1. Lo said...

    won't see you there. but hi!  


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