Recently received

Really recently. Like, in the last day or two:

Jordan Scott, Blert
Stephen Collis, The Commons
Donato Mancini, Æthel

Donato Mancini, “The Sorrows of Young Werther (Goth Phase)”, in Æthel, swiped from dbqp.

So these three Canadian poets come down and read for us on Sunday, and then again on Monday not for us but nevertheless we were there so it was indeed for us, because there was no way, once we had heard them, that we were going to let an opportunity to hear them read again pass by, and I am starting to get weirded out, because we've had so many readings here lately that have left me feeling utterly delighted.

I'm surprised by how few people came to see the Canadians read. All the more for me, I guess. I think all of the Canadian poets who have read for us have delighted me (and no, I don't think it's just my Canuckophilia). Will this remain true once I'm actually in Canada?

(Answer: No, of course not. If it does, that will be weird.)



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