1. Yeah, it's the end of the semester! So I don't have time to write here. But I'm not dead yet.

2. I make it a rule to befriend all the poetry people who want to my friend on Facebook. I am a friend to the poetry people. If you read this, and want to be my Facebookfriend, go for it. Or you can join that weird Facebook blog-following thing for Buggeryville... or don't, either way. It's just a website, and I'm not doing anything particularly poety on Facebook. Still, it could be nice and friendlylike.

3. I might be trying to set up a few readings this summer/fall for the greater NYC-Toronto corridor, with a possible stop in PDX. If you are somewhere in that world and want me to read for you, drop me a line. This also means I'll be writing some new stuff soon. Gasp.

4. There's a button now that suggests I could "monetize" this website, which I doubt would really work. But nice try, Blogger. Don't stop believing.


  1. Anthony said...

    i want a private reading, just you and me, and a field of alfafa near guelph.  

  2. troylloyd said...

    hey man,
    when you press that
    "monetize" button
    it trips yr blog
    up all impressiony
    w/ pastel dreaminess,

    dig the water lillies man,
    dig the water lillies:
    b r i d g e to bridge
    bridge to b r i d g e

    (a penny for yr pop-ups)  


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