"Like many, I enjoy contemplative, epiphany-seeking poetry" begins a new guest post over chez Lemon Hound, but happily it quickly moves on to other possibilities for poetry. Still, it is hard to imagine an opening to a blogpost that would be more calculated to make me run screaming.

There is a Flarf vs. Conceputal Writing tourney happening at the Whitney in NYC soon, which might have coincided with a handy time to visit the homeland for a bit, but it doesn't look like I'll be getting down there, and perhaps it is "sold out"? Ah well. Nico Vassilakis has a vispo exhibit going on for a while there, and I might manage to catch that, though I doubt I'll be down for his reading. To be in NYC at a time other than summer or Christmas, when poetry is actually happening, how odd will that be?

I'm just trying to ease back into the blogging thing, folks, don't mind me.


  1. Lemon Hound said...

    Ah, but you didn't run!

    I have to admit it gave me pause as well, but as you say it goes on. You are easing back in? Yours truly is attempting to ease out.  


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